Memorial Locket

Call for Price

Each locket is lovingly handcrafted with your story and memories being the inspiration and focal point.  You get to choose how public or private you’d like that story to be.

As each locket is unique and made according to your specifications the price will vary and is finalised once we’ve discussed and agreed your design.  Please note that lockets, including a chain start from £500.  Please complete the contact form to begin the enquiry process


Lockets have long been known to be a piece of jewellery that  symbolises something you want to keep and cherish forever.  These are often treasured keepsakes that get passed down through the generations.

The role of lockets in the mourning process can be traced back to the early 19th century when  those in mourning wore black clothes.  Lockets added accessorization and colour and became a way to honour and acknowledge those that had passed.  They offer multiple ways to  remember your loved one, with the option to store a photo, or lock of hair inside, engrave their handwriting, fingerprint or palm print inside or outside of the locket.  You could keep their wedding ring in the locket or melt down significant jewellery and include it in the design.

Every locket is different and each is designed with your story and memories as the focal point.  The end price is dependant on the design and materials used in the final locket, but all begin at the £500 mark and will include a chain.

Please do get in touch with me if you’d like to discuss any ideas you may have.

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