Recycled silver and Vintage glass flower pendant


Recycling at its best!  Old Vintage glass that’s been polished up and made shiny, set in recycled sterling silver, inspired by nature!


Would you dig up dirty glass from an old Victorian dump site?  What would you do with it if you did?

I do!  Then I put it in my stone tumbler for a couple of weeks to smooth off all the rough edges (a bit like sped up sea glass!)  Once I have a handful of shiny pretties I design a piece of jewellery, starting with the glass.  These pieces are all organic in nature and each piece is completely unique.

You could wear a bit of history round your neck.  Imagine the stories that this glass could tell!  What did it hold, who drank from it, was it broken or just discarded because it fell out of fashion?  Wouldn’t you love to hold it in your hand and dream?  Ohhhh … maybe that’s just me then!

This gorgeous pendant is textured with a botanical theme, both back and front.  The pendant measures 57mm by 25mm and is completed by a medium weight 18″ sterling silver Belcher chain.

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