Pawprint Keyring


  • Create a stunning keepsake in silver or hard wearing bronze, featuring your beloved pet's paw print. This could be your dog, cat or any creature with a foot print.  I have even done a bird's foot in the past.

    Our pets leave their paw prints on our hearts.  Paw prints, like fingerprints are unique for each animal.  

    If you already have an ink copy of your pet's paw print you can upload it and I can work from that.

    Once you have placed your order you will be sent a non-toxic print kit to capture your pet's paw print.  We reduce the paw print down to the correct size for the item that you have selected.

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    Keyrings are supplied on a nickel split ring, you can upgrade to a Sterling silver split ring by checking the box.

    • 30 £

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    Add the name/message you'd like to appear on the keyring here:

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    I confirm that the details of this order are correct and that I have checked the spelling of all names and accuracy of any other engraving.

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