A beautiful bespoke, organic handmade silver pendant with the impression of Forget-Me-Not flowers and a dreamy light aqua coloured piece of Vintage glass.  The hinge between the silver and the glass gives this piece movement and interest – like the glass is hanging onto its own memories!

This is a one of a kind as there will never be another piece of glass exactly like this one.

I live near a Victorian landfill site and it’s a delight every time I find a piece of vintage glass to dig up.  You can tell the difference between vintage glass and modern beer bottles by the thickness and colour of the glass.  The glass is then put in a stone tumbler for 2 weeks until it is smooth and shiny – ready to create beautiful jewellery!

The pendant measures 43mm down from the top of the bail and 24mm at it’s widest point.  It is completed with a lovely weighty 18″ Belcher chain.

Keep a little bit of nature close to your heart all year round.98