Sea glass, also known as Mermaid’s Tears is glass that’s found its way into the ocean and has been tumbled and washed by the waves, the rocks and the sand until it becomes smooth and slightly pitted. Nature takes this bit of discarded human junk and creates a jewel, to be loved and worn with joy.

This particular piece of glass was picked up on Sandown Beach on the Isle of Wight. Sea Glass is often set in jewellery to create beautiful, unusual pieces that are perfect for capturing the memory of a special time spent at the beach.

Blue sea glass is not as common as green, brown or white, so it’s always a really exciting moment when the beach offers up a piece of blue!

A little bit of blue glass that’s been tumbled, rolled and smoothed by the mighty ocean sits snuggly on a sterling silver ring band to create a truly bespoke unique piece of jewellery. There will never be another ring just like this one.

The ring is a size P.