The camera on the iphone is pretty awesome and with the right lighting and a few good apps it can do a reasonably good job and I must admit that when I’m in a hurry it’s easier and quicker to pick up the trusty phone to snap a few pics.

This was my go to for the new Fusion pieces that I managed to finish just in time for the last Shop Local in Kent market at The Hive at Edenwood. I was worried (optimistic!) that they’d sell and I wouldn’t have any photos. I also had those gorgeous little pumpkins and they just screamed out to be used as props. The little scene was set on the table in my conservatory and snapped away. I thought the photos looked pretty cool.

Fused silver wreath pendant with blue topaz    Granulated fused silver pendant    petite silver fused pendant


Then yesterday I added the pieces to my website and suddenly those “cool” photos looked seriously naff next to the other photos on the page!

So there I was at 10pm last night setting up my light tent and tripod.  The big “Daddy Grown Up” camera came out the drawer, with its 105mm Sigma Macro lens attached.

I don’t have a lot of space in my studio, but I take the photos in here because I have daylight bulbs in every light and believe me, every light gets used! There is a need to get into some weird contortionistic (yes, that’s a word – I decided so!) positions to get the distance I need in some photos. Onyx the puppy thought I’d invented a new game just for him!


Handmade recycled fused silver pendant with granulation   Bespoke handmade recycled silver Fused pendant with London Blue Topaz   Handmade small fused recycled silver pendant

Do you agree that it was worth the effort?

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