Today has been a frustrating day. One in which I have questioned myself and my abilities, not to mention my ability to run a successful business.

Then this arrived in my inbox and these kind words have restored my faith in those abilities!

Testimonial letter from a funeral director“We have been working with Roslyn for over 10 years and we would highly recommend using Roslyn Jewellery.  Roslyn puts so much thought and love into her work and this is reflected in each piece of jewellery she has made, it is a pleasure to work with someone who is so passionate about what they do.  The support and warmth she provides to families is really special, she listens to their stories and manages to incorporate them into the jewellery to make the finished piece so individual.  It is wonderful to have someone so unique and reliable to recommend to families, we know they are in safe hands and will be given the    same level of care and compassion as we provide.

Kind Regards, Julia”


I have been working with J & R Killick for many years and I’d like to tell you why I love working with them.

I got a phone call out of the blue from Michael Killick one day asking me if I could do fingerprints for a family who had lost their loved one, I remember so clearly that feeling of panic because death really scared me at that point in my life. Michael invited me to come in with an impression pack and give him instructions on how to do the print impression and that was the day that our relationship was born.

Over the years I have been blown away by their compassion for the people in their care and for their dedication to the families that they look after. They taught me how to overcome my fear of death and to embrace this stage as a part of life. I have grown so much through my dealings with this incredibly sensitive and compassionate group of people. What we do is not always easy, but it is always an honour and a privilege to be trusted with someone’s precious memories.

This family run business set the benchmark for me when it came to dealing with funeral directors.

For those of you who know me and my work, you will know that my customer is at the heart of what I do. I don’t just want to provide the easy option or the run of the mill. I care very deeply about their stories and their memories and treat these with the utmost dignity and care.

I have worked with a number of funeral directors over the last 10 years and to be honest, there are some that I’ve walked away from. For me, it’s not about the price, or the commission, or the ease with which a product can be obtained for a family. For me, it’s about what’s most important for the family.

It’s about listening to their stories and creating a personalised bespoke piece of handmade jewellery that truly reflects their memories. A piece of jewellery that gives them the choice as to how public or private they want their grief to be.

There are many companies out there who specialise in memorial jewellery. A lot of that jewellery is mass produced and so I cannot match some of those prices or the very quick turn around time. Each piece of my jewellery is made by hand, from scratch, with reverence and respect.

This may not be for you, but who do you know who would love to create a meaningful piece of jewellery that reflects their story and captures the memory of their loved one?

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