Jewellery with soul

Roslyn is a specialist metalworker and artisan jeweller. For over a decade she has been helping families remember their loved ones and capture precious moments in life through the art of jewellery-making.

Her greatest joy comes in seeing her customers’ delight when she presents them with a piece which holds so much meaning and emotion.

“Someone once said to me – Ros, diamonds are valuable but memories are precious. What you do is priceless for people who want to keep those special moments close to their heart.”

Inspiration all around

Roslyn’s creativity and inspiration comes from the simple things which happen in our every day lives. A walk with our dog, a hug from a friend, a trip with our family. Roslyn helps people to stop and take notice of how those moments make them feel. By keeping small mementoes such as leaves, shells, sand and flowers and transforming them into pieces of jewellery, her customers can reignite those feelings time and time again.

“The jewellery I create tells a story. It pauses a moment in time that was special to you. How many times do we say ‘I wish I could do that all over again’? My jewellery encapsulates how that moment made you feel, the smells, the sounds, the tastes. All the things that would otherwise have been forgotten.”

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360 degree view of Roslyns workshop


You are a gift and jewellery magician whose skills are underrated and whose products are a credit to you and your brand.  I have come to you 3 times with gift requirements and been delighted each time.  Roslyn is a must for anyone who wants to make a difference with that special gift – she will work magic for them too.


A tremendous jeweller. I’ve had a couple of bespoke pieces from Ros over the years and would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a beautiful hand crafted piece of silverware. Really great!

If I could give more stars I would. Excellent customer service from when I ordered until I received my beautiful pendant. Any queries I had were answered straight away and Ros couldn’t have been more helpful in making the perfect piece of jewellery for me; completely personalised with sentiments close to my heart. It just arrived this morning with a lovey personal note from Ros and I just thought I should share how delighted I am with it.
Maria Teresa

Roslyn gets to the heart and soul of the person and even if we don’t know what we want she gets it and helps us come up with the perfect personalised piece of unique jewellery.



Ros is such a pleasure to spend time with, discussing designs and ideas.  Ros is so good at what she does and we would far rather have a unique piece of silver from her than something mass produced.  I think she makes every piece special through the love of her craft & her skill.


Roslyn has made several pieces of bespoke and intensely personal items of jewellery, including memorial ones for me. The service that this lady provides is exemplary, she listens to your wants and needs and then transfers that into the design to match. She has a sensitivity and an understanding that enables you to be able to convey exactly what you would like and goes above and beyond to make that happen.  Nothing is too much trouble.




I come back to Ros time and again as there’s no gimmicks, no bits that are added on that she hasn’t made, no short cuts- it’s all good hard work and skill.   It’s like Christmas whenever I’ve had a jewellery piece from Roslyn 🙂


Ros interprets my crazy ideas exactly as I see them in my minds eye. She listens and will always try the unimaginable. She’s honest and will say it can’t be done in a certain way but she will try and still have a go. I will always go back to her because I love her work.


Hallmarking & Associations

Roslyn is a proud member of The Guild of Jewellery Designers, a UK jewellery organisation consisting of a collaboration of British jewellery designers, makers and retailers. Roslyn also has her personal Hallmark registered with The Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office, where Hallmarking began over 700 years ago and has been upholding the quality and tradition of hallmarking ever since.

Most of Roslyn's finished pieces do not require hallmarking as they're below the weight requirement of The Goldsmiths' Company hallmarking criteria. However if you would prefer your item to be hallmarked, this can be done for an additional fee. Simply speak to Roslyn when you enquire and she can arrange this for you.

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Treasured gifts

Whether you're buying something for yourself, or a gift for a loved one, you can be sure it will arrive beautifully packaged with love and care. From the sweet aromas of lavender grown in Roslyn's garden to the soft touch of a feather tucked amongst the twine. Roslyn only uses eco-friendly, recycled packaging, keeping as close to nature as possible.