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The human need to commemorate our loved ones is as old as time itself. Whether you have lost someone close to you or you simply have a loved one living far away, you may feel the need to keep a tangible bit of them close to you. Whatever your reason for visiting this page, you can be assured of a warm and empathetic reception from Roslyn.

You can choose from the existing catalogue of designs, which can include your loved one’s fingerprint, palm print or handwriting, or we can discuss a bespoke item which perfectly reflects your precious memory.

We are happy to liaise with your funeral director to arrange for the moulds of the fingerprint or palm print to be taken. If you already have an ink fingerprint this can be used to create your memorial piece.

It is never too late to create a memorial piece. If you do not have fingerprints you can use someone’s handwriting to personalise a piece, recreate their favourite flower or capture their favourite pastime. We can discuss your ideas and come up with a design that is unique and significant to you.


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